Savings And Benefits

Here with our Savings And Benefits Membership Program we are here to make you part of something so Special you will be Grateful You Found Us. (And if you own a PET – you are in GREAT hands here as well) Such as

  • Reducing your Auto, Home and Health Insurance allows more money to cover your limited Overhead to run your RRR247 Businesses. And this is where we really make impacts. When you can spend $20 to Save Hundreds you do it all day long. This is Ridiculous, and Everyone that Sees and Understands this does it!
  • The Costs Savings when this Program is Used Correctly are going to help so many out there to gain a hand up. And this then allows them to open their time and resources to build True Time and Financial Freedom with the RRR247 Program.
  • Then as RRR247 Students Gain Success the Travel Benefits allow Better Experiences for the Value. AND SO MUCH MORE. We will be addressing things in details below. As well as with ongoing in Training.
  • This is Savings and Benefits for your Pets As Well. Because we have Access to Pet Insurance (And where you will Not be Able to say “NO” because its what any Pet Owner Needs for Almost “NOTHING”).
  • We have Access to so much with this Benefits Program. Let us be very “Frank” here. If you are breathing, then you are consuming. And If you are Consuming, then you need this Membership. Consequently, You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being a member. So TRUST US. You want this. And Furthermore, you can Contact Us for even more Access to Awesomeness with our Online Community. So
Savings And Benefits

What you need to do, is get set up with the Gold Membership (at least) and become a part of the Marketing Family with RRR247. Just See Below under “RRR247 Marketing Family” for details on this incredible Aspect of What we are Offering here.

Savings And Benefits

There are Three Levels of Membership, and they are Gold, Platinum and Titanium. Just Pick the Plan that is Best For You. And If you are hesitant, then go with GOLD and get in. When you see the Marketing Opportunity, the sooner you get in the better. But JUST TAKE ACTION. Because this is not something to wait on. In fact, $20 can turn into incredible Potential for Wealth. Not only that, but when you add it to the RRR247 Programs it is a “Massive Opportunity” for you and your Family. Notably, this is the most impressive Savings and Benefits Program you will ever see, and we have it!

Savings And Benefits

GOLD MEMBERSHIP is just $20 (USD) A Month, and This Comes With The Following:

  • 850,000 Hotel Discounts: Incredible Savings on Hotels
  • Dining, Shopping, & Entertainment: Savings on places you are already eating and shopping. Huge Savings offered through this program.


  • 850,000 Hotel Discounts:
  • Dining, Shopping, & Entertainment:


  • Auto & Home Insurance: In almost every case our Members Save with Auto and Home Insurance. These are the best “Group and Member” Rates. With RRR247, even as a GOLD Membership you Gain Access to these “MEMBER ONLY” Rates for Auto and Home Insurance.
  • Eat Play Shop Travel: Expanded Program that allows for Savings in where you Eat, Play, and Travel. This is an incredible portal of savings and benefits for our Members.
  • Name Brand Shopping Discounts: Specialized Savings from huge Name Brands for our Members. These are exclusive savings. This is mind blowing because Places that NEVER seem to offer discounts, do with our Membership.
  • Prescription Savings: This is a Prescription Drug Savings Program for our Members. And it is incredible.
  • Health and Dental Insurance: We are beyond “Thrilled” with this. This is a true GROUP RATE for our Incredible and Large Membership. We are creating a way for more and more Individuals and Families to have Health and Dental Coverage that they can truly afford. NOTE: Because RRR247 is about Creating Time and Financial Freedom, when you are Self Employed, you need great rates for Coverage. And WE HAVE ACCESS to some incredible solutions with this. It is a GAME CHANGER and a way to GET RID OF THE GOLDEN HANDCUFFS that stop many from living the Dream they want.
  • Domains, Hosting & SSLs: Great Costs are Made Available for these Services through the Membership Options. NOTE: With RRR247, we have our System that comes with Hosting, SSL and Domain. Though for additional Services, or Businesses, this is an incredible LOW COST way to benefit.

There is SO MUCH. And We literally are training on these all the time! So while it is a lot, Just realize it is far more value than the Price of the Membership Access.

  • Credit Repair Software: This alone is worth several times the Monthly Cost of the Membership. This is a program that helps to remove items from your Credit Report. As well as to help raise your Credit Score through documentation and following the legal system with proper Action Items. We are thrilled to have this addition. And included in the GOLD MEMBERSHIP Level with RRR247. NOTE: We LOVE this as we can get more of our RRR247 Family Members into the IBO Program. Allowing the $750 a Month to Bless more and more Members. (See Your Instructor For Details).
  • Zoom Discount: This is an Incredible Deal. Only for Members. Savings on the ZOOM Meeting and Webinar Program so Incredible “WE CANNOT PUBLISH THEM” and they are ONLY AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS. There is a RRR247 VERSION that has added benefits. (See your RRR247 Instructor for Details).
  • Lower Business Bills: This Program helps with Business Costs to Lower them through Incredible Member Pricing Programs. Examples of Bills that can Be Lowered through this Program Include: 1. MOBILE / CELL PHONE. 2. TELECOM. 3. TV. 4. INTERNET. 5. LANDLINE. 6. SATELLITE TV. 7. SATELLITE RADIO. 8. PAYROLL. 9. MERCHANT ACCOUNTS. 10. SECURITY SYSTEMS. 11. STORAGE UNITS. 12. WEB SERVICES. 13. WASTE MANAGEMENT. 14. LAWN CARE. 15. PEST CONTROL. 16. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES. 17. SUBSCRIPTIONS & MEMBERSHIPS. 18. WATER DELIVERY (5 GALLON BOTTLES, ETC.) 19. LINEN AND UNIFORM CLEANING. 20. STAFFING. 21. HEATING OIL. 22. PROPANE GAS. 23. OTHER RECURRING BILLS

Savings And Benefits

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP is just $100 (USD) A Month. Comes With (So Much – when used is saving our Members Hundreds a Month):


  • Auto & Home Insurance:
  • Eat Play Shop Travel:
  • Name Brand Shopping Discounts:
  • Prescription Savings:
  • Health and Dental Insurance:
  • Domains, Hosting & SSLs:
  • Credit Repair Software:
  • Zoom Discount:
  • Lower Business Bills:


Titanium and Platinum Wholesale Travel: This is a whole new level of Travel Savings Perks. We are delighted with the savings this offers. If you are a traveler, this is a must have program. Because you will get Incredible Savings in Air, Car, Vacations, Cruises and so much more.

Free Marketing System: This is one method of Marketing. However, as a Member of RRR247 we have access to Paid Marketing (Funded by Rory and Tanya Ricord) to make this Soar as a Business.

Mentors Club: Some incredible Training. You can never get enough. Including training from Mentors of Rory Ricord. This is a priceless education and Mentoring Source. RRR247 Mentoring is fully part of the RRR247 Membership. Though you can never get too much.

Savings And Benefits

TITANIUM MEMBERSHIP is just $199 (USD) A Month. Comes With:


  • Titanium and Platinum Wholesale Travel
  • Free Marketing System
  • Mentors Club
  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • Eat Play Shop Travel
  • Name Brand Shopping Discount
  • Prescription Savings
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Domains, Hosting & SSLs
  • Credit Repair Software
  • Zoom Discount
  • Lower Business Bills
  • Titanium and Platinum Wholesale Travel
  • Free Marketing System
  • Mentors Club


Titanium / Legal/Roadside/Medical: This is an Addition to the Already Incredible Packed Savings and Benefits already in the Program. This is an Incredible Benefits Portal. It is accessible online as well as through an App on your iOS or Android Smartphone.

Savings And Benefits

This Is an Additional Portal that Includes:

  • New Benefits Rx: Check Prices and Pharmacies that work with these Member Pricing Benefits.
  • Legal Services: Experienced Lawyers at Discounted Rates. This is experienced lawyers at discounted rates. Simple Wills and Trusts. Also for help with Traffic Tickets, bankruptcy, divorce, and spousal and child support. To just name a few situations. RRR247 has Additional Legal Access for Titanium Members in addition.
  • Global Travel Assistance: Protection & peace of mind when you travel. Call Program and Exclusive Access.
  • NBCashback: Each Cash Back at Participating Merchants.

*DISCLAIMER: This is a Member Only Savings and Benefits Program. As Part of RRR247 and SHG we are Blessed with incredible benefits. We are NOT INSURANCE AGENTS, nor will be publish or share things outside of the Membership. The Rates and Savings are MEMBERS Only. And there may be exceptions for various locations throughout the World on particular programs. We are beyond satisfied (UNDERSTATMENT ALERT) of the Value this brings anyone singularly, or as a couple, or a family unit with the Memberships. All Levels are Far more Valuable as you Explore and Utilize them.

Savings And Benefits

RRR247 Marketing Family

THIS IS SOMETHING FOR ANYONE Looking to Create Time and Financial Freedom:

This Savings and Benefits Program you are seeing here is being utilized by the RRR247 Marketing Family. It is so incredible that we are marketing it and sharing it to the World. There are Global Aspects to this that are parallels to the RRR247 Core Values. We are going to Bless and Help a lot of Families with this.

If you are not a part of the RRR247 Marketing Family, you need to go here and get acquainted with us. And you should register to the Email System located to the right of this Article. And reply to any of the emails for direct contact to become a part of this.